Thyroid Problems: Symptoms of Low Thyroid, But Haven't Been Diagnosed

A common thyroid problem is having symptoms of underactive thyroid, but not being diagnosed. If this sounds familiar Dr. David Arthur in Denver, Colorado has the answer!

Have you done some research on low thyroid or come across some information on this health condition while researching symptoms you recognize you're experiencing? People often wonder why it is they can have all of the symptoms of low thyroid, but still go undiagnosed from their doctor.

Underactive thyroid symptoms include: poor energy levels or extreme fatigue, an inability to lose weight, feeling sluggish or even depressed. Those with low thyroid may notice headaches, dry skin, constipation or other symptoms. If you have these underactive thyroid symptoms and visit your practitioner, a diagnostic measure of what's known as TSH will probably be ordered.

In the conventional medical model, TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels are evaluated to determine whether or not the thyroid is functioning properly.

If you have a high TSH level, you'll be diagnosed with low thyroid. If you do not have a high TSH level, you will most likely not be diagnosed, even if you continue to suffer with symptoms that seem to match perfectly with low thyroid!

We know there are actually six core patterns that will cause all of the underactive thyroid symptoms, but won't affect TSH. A failure to consider these patterns is the primary reason you may go undiagnosed. If your TSH is all that's looked at and TSH levels appear perfectly fine, it is highly likely you will not be diagnosed for low thyroid.

In cases such as these where TSH is normal but underactive thyroid symptoms persist, there's a high probability that there is some underlying cause making the thyroid function improperly. In order to determine what pattern is affecting your thyroid and what the root cause of your condition actually is, an understanding of these patterns is essential. There is simply no way to arrive at an appropriate care program for individuals suffering with underactive thyroid symptoms yet who otherwise remain undiagnosed.

If you are suffering with underactive thyroid symptoms, but have yet to be diagnosed, you need a more thorough evaluation.

Working with Dr. David Arthur will ensure that your evaluation goes beyond evaluating TSH levels as the only means of determining whether or not you have a thyroid issue. It may be you're experiencing another type of metabolic disorder, but it's mostly likely one of the six patterns of low thyroid has been missed in your diagnosis and it is this fact that is affecting how you feel and your overall health.

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