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Dr. David Arthur has become a leading expert in Denver, Colorado for low thyroid support and solutions. He works with patients of all ages who are suffering from thyroid disorders.

Dr. Arthur takes a very unique approach to thyroid help and answers...which is that of neurological and functional medicine. He digs deep, looking well beyond "normal" or "traditional" tests for thyroid problems to get to the root cause of the issue and develops a treatment plan that gets his patients results.

If you're suffering from underactive thyroid, Dr. Arthur may be able to help you too. He provides thyroid support and answers for the following common issues and problems...

Your currently being treated for low thyroid, but can't lose weight.

If you are currently under the treatment for low thyroid by your primary care physician or practitioner and you still can’t lose weight despite your treatment plan, something is happening within to cause the problem and something’s been missed in your diagnosis. There’s a twisted web of things that go wrong when your thyroid isn’t working properly, and it takes deep investigation to determine how this is causing your inability to lose weight.

More dieting and exercising simply cannot correct the reasons for why you are continuing to suffer.

Dr. David Arthur, will do the necessary investigation to get at the real cause or problems behind the symptom, so a truly effective program can be developed for you.

Your currently being treated for low thyroid, but you still suffer from symptoms.

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid that persist even after “successful” treatment are a red flag that something is still going on underneath the surface.

If you’re still suffering from low thyroid symptoms, such as fatigue, needing excessive amouts of sleep to function, depression, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hair loss or decreased libido, and you’re being treated and told by you doctor your thyroid is just fine, there’s a high probability that something’s been missed.

The only way to discover what it is that’s “missing” with your diagnosis is through reevaluation. Don’t expect underactive thyroid symptoms that are persisting to go away in time on their own. Dr. David Arthur specilizes in thyroid support and can get to the root cause of your thyroid issues.

You have low thyroid symptoms, but you have not been diagnosed.

Most traditional medical doctors and practitioners look at TSH as the main cause for diagnosing someone with low thyroid. But, did you know that there are actually six core patterns that will cause all of the low thyroid symptoms, but wonÕt affect your TSH levels. Therefore a failure to consider and look at these patterns is the primary reason you may go undiagnosed for low thyroid (even though you suffer from all of the symptoms).

If your TSH is all that your physician looks at and those TSH levels appear perfectly fine, it is highly likely you will not be diagnosed for low thyroid.

If you are suffering with underactive thyroid symptoms, but have yet to be diagnosed, you need a more thorough evaluation. Dr. David Arthur is the one who can help. His comprehensive evalution looks at all aspects of what maybe causing your thyroid issues (including all of the six patterns of low thyroid) to ensure you get the proper support and care you need.

If you're looking for Denver thyroid solutions, support and answers and would like to find out if you qualify for a complimentary consultation please contact Dr. David Arthur's office today at 720-248-4770.

About Dr. David Arthur

Dr. David Arthur, DC, FACFN, DACNB, CCCN, BCIM, DCCN has become a leading expert in low thyroid and thyroid support for women of all ages. Dr. Arthur takes a neurological and functional medicine approach to helping his patients manage this complex disorder. Learn more about Dr. David Arthur >>

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