Underactive Thyroid Information You Must Know from Dr. David Arthur in Denver, Colorado

If you're suffering from underactive thyroid...here is some "must know" information that will ensure you get the proper care you want and need.

Are suffering from any of these common, underactive thyroid symptoms?

Are you fatigued or tired?
Do you require excessive amounts of sleep to function?
Do you gain weight easily?
Do you have a hard time losing weight with diet and exercise?
Do you suffer from depression or lack of motivation?
Do you suffer from morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses?
Do you feel sluggish mentally and physically?
Do you have hair loss or course, dry hair?
Do you have a hard time tolerating cold temperatures?
Do you suffer from decreased libido?

If you answered yes, have you been diagnosed with underactive thyroid AND are you still suffering from symptoms?

If you're suffering from underactive thyroid (even though you're being treated and told by your doctor your thyroid is fine) there's a high probability that something's been missed in your diagnosis.

This is surprisingly common occurrence in people with underactive thyroid and it can be extremely frustrating. The doctor suspects an underactive thyroid and checks your TSH levels, which confirm your thyroid is indeed underactive. Treatment is started and TSH tests continue to be used to check thyroid function. When "normal" levels are achieved through medication, it is assumed the thyroid is now fine. The test confirms TSH has been successfully brought under control.

But, you still have problems!

Sound familiar?

If so, there is a solution. Watch the video below as Dr. David Arthur explains why you still may be suffering from underactive thyroid symptoms even though you have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment.

For treatment support to your underactive thyroid problems, please call Dr. David Arthur's office at 720-248-4770 to learn if you qualify for an initial consultation.

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