Thyroid Problems: Still Have Symptoms While Being Treated for Low Thyroid

If you've ever wondered, "why do I still have symptoms while I'm being treated for low thyroid?" Dr. David Arthur in Denver, Colorado has the answer!

Being treated for an underactive thyroid, but still suffering with thyroid a surprisingly common occurrence in people with low thyroid conditions and it can be extremely frustrating.

Many people with an underactive thyroid visit their doctor with complaints of symptoms such as weight gain, persistent fatigue, prolonged or heavy menstrual periods or depression. The doctor suspects an underactive thyroid and checks TSH levels, which confirm the patient's thyroid is indeed underactive.

Treatment is started and TSH tests continue to be used to check thyroid function. When "normal" levels are achieved through medication, it is assumed the thyroid is now fine. The test confirms TSH has been successfully brought under control.

Problems occur when despite that fact that your TSH is now under control and your thyroid is functioning "fine" you still have symptoms that brought you to the doctor in the first place. You still feel tired or depressed, or you're still gaining weight and missing a healthy sex drive.

You doctor however insists your thyroid is functioning fine now, and may even suggest your symptoms are a "normal" part of the aging process.

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid that persist even after "successful" treatment are a red flag that something is still going on underneath the surface.

If you're still suffering from underactive thyroid symptoms even though you're being treated and told by your doctor that your thyroid is fine, there's a high probability that something's been missed in your diagnosis. The only way to discover what is "missing" with your diagnosis is through a comprehensive reevaluation.

Working with Dr. David Arthur will ensure that your reevaluation goes beyond evaluating TSH levels and labeling them "normal" or "abnormal" as the only means of determining whether or not your treatment is successful. Dr. Arthur's approach is neurological and functional medicine...that goes way beyond the traditional method for evaluation and care.

For support and answers for your low thyroid problems, please call Dr. David Arthur's office at 720-248-4770 to learn if you qualify for an initial consultation.

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