Thyroid Problems: Can't Lose Weight or Weight Gain

If you're suffering from the thyroid problems of can't lose weight or weight gain, Dr. David Arthur in Denver, Colorado has the answer!

One of the most frustrating symptoms associated with low thyroid is weight gain. Although patients may have several symptoms associated with low thyroid, this is the one they often look most forward to resolving with help and support. The inability to lose weight despite cutting down the amount you eat and exercising more may make other symptoms associated with low thyroid such as depression feel even worse.

The inability to lose weight is often the symptom that prompts patients to seek out low thyroid treatment with their primary care physician. Unfortunately, the inability to lose weight isn't always resolved once treatment begins.

In fact, it's very common to have the problem where your physician confirms your thyroid "treatment" is working and your thyroid is "just fine" but, you still cannot manage to drop excess pounds.

If you're in this situation, ask your physician or practitioner this question: why you are still having difficulty losing weight. If the answer is, "You just need to eat less," or "You need to exercise more," you should consider other support options and answers!

As you probably already suspect if you're in this position, these are simply the wrong answers.

Working with Dr. David Arthur will get you the Denver thyroid support and thyroid answers you want and need. Dr. Arthur willl do the deep evaluation that's necessary to understand why you can't lose weight or may even be putting on more weight despite being helped for your low thyroid.

This is the only way this symptom can be resolved, as dieting and exercising more simply cannot correct the reasons for why this is happening.

To learn more about support for thyroid problems, please call Dr. Arthur's office at 720-248-4770 to learn if you qualify for an initial consultation.

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